So you’re thinking about trying ozone therapy! It is important to know what you are getting yourself into. Ozone is not a silver bullet. Ozone is part of a whole lifestyle change. If you don’t think that you can commit yourself to change, then don’t. Change requires time, effort and patience. The basic premise is that you are cleaning out the toxic wastes that your body has been storing which are providing an environment that encourages growth of pathogens and suppresses the immune system. It will take time and effort to clean up the situation.

What are you trying to accomplish in doing ozone therapy? Take a moment and analyze your life. What types of food do you eat? Do you smoke and drink? Are you taking any drugs, either prescription or non-prescription? Have you had chemotherapy or radiation or metal poisoning in your lifetime? These are all factors to be considered.

The body is 2/3 water. How dirty this water is depends on how you have run your life. The more junk food you’ve eaten; the more you’ve smoked and drank; the more drugs you’ve put into your body; the more toxic you are. The more toxic you are, the longer it will take ozone to do its job. You are going to have to make some lifestyle changes. The healthier you eat, the better off you are going to be. You should consider eliminating excessive meat from your diet, and switch to vegetarianism, gradually.

What are my other naturopathic treatment options?

Dr. John and Dr. Essien will discuss the most appropriate naturopathic procedures for your condition with you. Naturopathic medicine is general in nature and thus diet, lifestyle, nutritional, and toxic factors will be discussed.  Please click here to contact us now.

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