Q: How long does the procedure take? Does it hurt?

A: It can take between 30-45 minutes (for Autohemotherapy). Aside from the initial small needle sting, there is no pain. And for Rectal Insufflation it takes lesser time within 3-5 minutes and vagina insufflation 10-15 minutes.

Q: How does ozone therapy work as a natural way of treating heart disease and chronic fatigue?

A: Ozone therapy strongly stimulates both proper circulation (delivery of oxygen), and proper energy generation (utilization of oxygen). The cells in your body, including the heart (angina), muscles (claudication pain) generate their own energy for use. Oxygen is vital to this process. If the cells can generate enough energy, there will be less fatigue and less pain. Ozone helps with both oxygen delivery and with the way the cells use oxygen once it has been delivered.

Q: It must be a new therapy, as I have not heard much about it.

A: In fact it is not a new therapy. Ozone is in medical use for over a century. It was used extensively to treat war wounds during World Wars. Machines made with special Ozone resistant materials – like Plastic, Silica, Teflon giving exact concentration of Ozone, were invented in 1950s.Ozone is very popular in countries like Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Cuba, etc.

Q: What exactly is ozone therapy? How does Ozone act?

A: Converting medical grade Oxygen (more than 99% pure Oxygen) into Ozone and using it in the treatment of various disease conditions is called Ozone Therapy. Ozone has certain distinctive characteristics which makes it a very powerful treatment tool. In our body, each cell burns sugar (carbohydrates) with Oxygen to make high energy molecules. The Carbon-Hydrogen bond in the sugar molecule is cleaved, and Oxygen bonds with the Hydrogen, forming water (H2O) and Carbon dioxide (CO2). If there is insufficient Oxygen available, Carbon monoxide (CO) along with excessive lactic acid are formed and the blood is made more acidic. If this Oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) continues for long, the cell will not oxidize the sugar but will be forced to ferment it anaerobically (in absence of Oxygen – which is not a right way for human cells). Lactic acidosis, in turn, makes more cells to ferment.

This lack of Oxygen is the root cause of almost all diseases including cancer. Now, Ozone tackles this problem in following ways: Ozone makes the Red blood cells release more Oxygen at tissue level. Thus restoring normal oxidation of sugar molecule and increasing production of energy rich compounds. It produces certain changes in the blood and blood vessels that improve blood circulation. It causes dilatation of small blood vessels and can be used to treat many circulatory diseases. It stimulates the White blood cells which produce more defense molecules to fight infections and allergies. Most disease causing germs are anaerobic life forms (They cannot use Oxygen to produce high energy compounds). They lack Anti-Oxidant Defense enzymes. Therefore, they just cannot survive in presence of powerful oxidant like singlet Oxygen, however much they try and mutate!! This property can be used to treat infections.

Ozone stimulates body’s Anti-Oxidant Defense System. Many chronic oxidative stress diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension can be controlled by Ozone Therapy. Ozone stimulates the body’s healing process. Therefore, Ozone Therapy is useful in treating non healing diabetic ulcers, post operations wounds, varicose ulcers, bed sores, burns, fistula, fissures, cuts and cracks. Ozone can be used to treat difficult skin diseases like Herpes, Psoriasis, eczema, stubborn fungal infections of the nail, pimples, warts, etc.

Cancer cells derive their energy by fermenting sugar without using Oxygen. Cancer cells are deficient in antioxidant enzyme system like other lower life forms and are unable to fight the Ozone onslaught. On the other hand normal, healthy cells can protect themselves from Ozone by their rich Anti-Oxidant Defense System. Ozone Therapy must be offered to ALL cancer patients. Ozone prevents cells from fermenting sugars and thus prevents cancer.

  • It reduces the side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation to a very large extent.
  • It reduces pain in cancer.
  • It gives feeling of well-being and rejuvenation. The zest for life is returned.
  • It helps in reducing tumor size.
  • It helps in controlling troublesome symptoms in certain inoperable cancers.

Ozone is an excellent therapy for detoxification. When enough Oxygen starts reaching each and every cell, cells start oxidizing toxins which were built up from life generating processes as well as from pollution, wrong food and sedentary life style! The body actually gets the breath of fresh air and cleans itself from all the toxins. Rejuvenation: Increased production of high energy compounds; by proper oxidation of sugar, following Ozone therapy brings the feeling of rejuvenation! Certain chemicals released in brain as a result of Ozone Therapy, can also bring about positive changes in mood and increase in enthusiasm.

Q: Are there any contraindications or side effects?

A: There are no major side-effects to Ozone Therapy. General temporary fatigue is possible and adequate rest is recommended during the treatment period.

Ozone Therapy can safely be used alongside any other allopathic or alternative therapy.

Given the metabolism-boosting effects of Ozone therapy, people with hyperthyroidism with red blood cell deficiency in the anti-oxidant protection system and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD) should not consider detoxified ozone therapy.

Also, any recent tissue transplantation from another person is contraindicated (the body’s immune system will be galvanized into attacking the transplant).

Q: What are the benefits one can expect with ozone therapy?

A: Benefits of Ozone Therapy Rejuvenation, increase in energy levels Feeling of well-being, improvement in quality of life Control of pain Less infections and faster cure of infections, sometimes even without antibiotics Increase in wound healing, In cancer patients, minimum side effects when given with chemotherapy and radiation decrease in the tumor size, less chances of spread of cancer Very safe, natural, low cost, complementary therapy. Very simple therapy – No scary looking machines or no difficult to understand procedures No side effects experienced by the patient as against dreadful side effects of some allopathic drugs. Effective for a large variety of illnesses.

Q: What does Ozone Therapy do?


  • It stimulates the immune response (stimulates release of cytokines, and inactivates viruses, oxidizes bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites, protozoa, and cancer cells)
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Induces antioxidant enzymes, scavenges free radicals, chelates heavy metals, and removes toxins from the body.
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Normalizes hormone production
  • Stimulates production of protective cell enzymes
  • Induces of NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase), an important molecule for cellular signaling
  • Purifies the blood and lymph
  • Cleans arteries and veins, improving circulation
  • Improves brain function and memory
  • Prevents stroke damage
  • Reduces cardiac arrhythmia
  • Possible activator of stem cells with consequential neovascularization & tissue reconstruction

Q: How does ozone therapy work as a natural way of treating allergies and sensitivities?

A: When ozone is added to the blood, it also has effects on the immune cells (white blood cells). Ozone increases the chemicals that immune cells use to communicate with each other. IL-6, IL-12, IFN are all increased. The orchestra of chemicals that is stimulated communicates a rebalancing of the immune system once the blood is reinfused.

Q: How long does it take to feel better?

A: A typical course of ozone therapy lasts 15-20 treatments, given thrice to five times a week. Most patients begin to feel better after the 10th-12th session. However there are cases where ozone therapy will be done twice a day for the first one week for chronic illness e.g. (HIV, Hepatitis) and the therapy can last up to 60-90 days in some cases.

Q: How do I know if I qualify for ozone therapy?

A: Call our office at 08033867722 or 08023137764 to schedule an initial consultation. Dr. John or Dr. Essien will go over your medical history in detail and complete necessary physical exams, lab tests.  Generally, if you are looking for a naturopathic alternative to drugs for…

  • Angina
  • Fatigue
  • Poor Circulation
  • Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Cardiovascular disease, such as congestive heart failure

…you may want to consider ozone therapy.

Q: What does ozone therapy cost?

A: Euros 50-100 per session

Q: What advantages does ozone therapy have over other options?

A: Ozone therapy is one of the fastest ways for patients with cardiovascular disease, fatigue, or allergies/sensitivities to feel better. It is less expensive than invasive procedures such as by-pass or angioplasty. Ozone therapy does not require any recovery time and in fact most patients feel better and younger after treatment. They can drive themselves home after treatment.

Q: What does Ozone do?

A: Ozone: inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus and protozoa. stimulates the immune system, Cleans arteries and veins, improves circulation, Purifies the blood and lymph, Normalizes hormone and enzyme production, Reduces inflammation, Reduces pain, calms the nerves, Stops bleeding, Prevents shock, Prevents stroke damage, Reduces cardiac arrhythmia, Improves brain function and memory, Oxidizes toxins allowing their excretion to chelate heavy metals; It works well in conjunction with EDTA, Prevents and reverses degenerative diseases, Prevents and treats communicable diseases, Prevents and eliminates auto-immune diseases.

Ozone is not a drug and it is not a magic bullet. It is a therapeutic tool of great power which can aid the body in regaining health. However, in the end, it is the immune system that has to do the work of healing the body. Therefore, the immune system must be functioning.

The immune system is controlled by the midbrain, the limbic system, through the thymus. The limbic system also controls the emotions. If the emotions are disrupted, the immune system is suppressed or shut down.

Q: How does ozone work in the body?

A: Ozone acts in the body in two ways: by oxidation and oxygenation. When ozone (O3) is administered to the body, its third unstable oxygen atom readily attaches itself to bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites, and tumors, and in the process of doing this, it oxidizes or destroys them. This is oxidation. It then reverts to O2, which adds much needed oxygen to the body. This is oxygenation. This oxygen has a high PH of between 7 and 9 needed to balance an unhealthy body. These pathogens are lower life organisms and are mostly anaerobic; that is, they cannot survive in an oxygen/ozone rich environment. Ozone within the body has powerful antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-tumor benefits. (e.g. Fibroid, Edema)

Q: Is Ozone Therapy safest known therapy?

A: Ozone has been found to be an extremely safe medical therapy, free from side effects.

Q: Can Ozone be used for prevention?

A: Ozone is a powerful therapeutic tool for curing diseases, but it is equally important for PREVENTION of diseases. The hundreds of different diseases named by allopathy are but symptoms of one underlying cause. That cause, as proven by two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg, is hypoxia, or oxygen starvation at the cellular level. This is the cause of degenerative disease (arthritis, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, cancer, etc.). Ozone both treats and prevents most communicable disease as well (mumps, measles, influenza, cholera, tropical fevers, etc.)

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