Acupuncture & Naturopathy has proven to cure kidney problems more than the orthodox method.

First, for us to understand why the orthodox method can rarely cure kidney problem let us understand the function of the kidney.

The function of the kidney can be compared to a water purification system. The engineering, electrical and chemical processes that water passes though before we have safe drinking water such as, Eva water and many other  brand names, we are thrilled by the ingenuity of the process that disinfects, oxidizes and separates Impurities from water.

If this simple processes staggers our imaginations then think of the intricacy, the complexity of the organ called the kidney. It removes through the blood stream waste matters from the food we eat, the water we drink and the drugs we consume. It filters and separates the useful parts and sends it to the blood stream. The unwanted parts are disposed through the urine, sweat and many other processes. But today the kidney is unable to do this, which is why alarming signals are sent out from many health institutions throughout the country. Kidney failure, kidney problem which graduated within 3 years from symptomatic related diseases to once a month dialysis, twice a month and then weekly dialysis until the final outcome-Kidney transplant.

Many haemodialysis machines have been imported into the country with a huge sum of money to take over the function of separating waste matters in the body from the blood where the kidney has failed to do so. This is not a permanent solution because not everybody can afford it due to the high cost dialysis which is on the high side for ordinary persons having kidney problems.

When you start having kidney problems, all the doctors will do is to give you drugs, and drugs which all have chemical negative side effect call toxins. What is toxin?

A Toxin is a poison, a substance that is taken in large doses and can cause severe illness or death.  Substance like drugs and unhealthy foods destroys the kidney and when you kidney which is the purification system or organ in your body is faulty how do you want it to remove the waste toxin from the body?

So, the more drugs you take the more work you are giving the kidney, the more damage you are inflicting on the kidney. Then, in a shorter while “Boom” kidney failure and doctor will tell you to go for Dialysis. But is dialysis the solution to kidney problem? See the chart for yourself and decide

1981-1986 LUTH Lagos 175
1991 368
1997 445
2008 70 patients monthly=840 per annum
1982 ST. Nicholas 30
2002 200 Monthly = 2,400 per annum

From the above statistics, kidney problems will keep on increasing if nothing is done about it. – (From the Punch News paper of Monday October 7 2002, p50)

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