These are disorder of your hearty disease relate d to the proper functioning of the heart and it network of artery.

Today cholesterol is seen or believe to be the cause of heart disease. There are people with 600 cholesterol counts that have absolutely, no arteriosclerosis, no blockage and no heart disease. And there are people with cholesterol counts of 100 who have massive blockage and are dropping dead from heart attacks and need triple bypass surgery.

The amount of cholesterol in year blood is not the major problem. The problem only occurs when cholesterol attaches itself to the artery, thus clogging the artery and restricting blood flow.

We are offering you, all natural alternatives to by-pass surgery, which are more effective, getting to the root cause instead of fast handling the symptom.

The question, however, really is not how much cholesterol you have but what causes the cholesterol to attach itself to the artery? And what make the artery to become damage?

Here in our Health Center we offer all natural alternative remedies to the problems.

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