Testimonies of people treated in Acupuncture Health Center.


 I checked into Acupuncture Services Health Center with a history of spasm at the lower back which runs down the sciatic nerve of the right leg. A quantum diagnosis of lumber calcification of the nerves was conducted and I was placed on Acupuncture Therapy, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy and Reflexology treatment and I have been in an alternating follow-up visit to the clinic.

There have been a great improvement in my health condition and I am  fit to resume normal work activities. However I have been told to come for monthly check-ups for a continuous maintenance of my health growth.


I was diagnosed with liver/kidney services in Navy Hospital and was referred to the general hospital where I was receiving treatment, but with no improvement, my whole body was weak, my eye sight and joint was weak.
Some people said it was a spiritual problem until I was finally referred to UCH Ibadan where series of tests were run and they said I will need kidney transplant. All hope was lost until I was introduced to Dr. Essien where I received treatment using all alternative therapy including Acupuncture; then I gradually gained my health.


I started having severe backache, waist pains which radiated to the right side of the leg. I went to LUTH to see an orthopedic surgeon and also a general hospital in Sapele. In the orthopedic section, an X-Ray was done and a diagnosis of lumber spondylosis was made and I was placed on treatment. The doctor said that the treatment was mainly drugs and physiotherapy was palliative.

I couldn’t stand erect, couldn’t bend or sleep properly; my general health was poor, I couldn’t sit properly or stand on the right leg. I was introduced to this Acupuncture clinic by a dear friend.

But two weeks of treatment restored my very poor health to near normal because the treatment does not only deal with the problem I have but deals with the body as a whole. (Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Naturopathy)

I was not able to work for 6 months, but today I have resumed work and all the normal activities of life and well lectured on a healthy eating pattern and life style. In fact I was a walking corpse and I didn’t believe I would walk again.

Thanks to Dr. Essien’s Acupuncture Center.


I am a student of American College Nicosia, Cyprus. I was treated in Dr. Essien’s clinic of Sickle Cell Anemia using Acupuncture, Reflexology, Laser Therapy and Naturopathy.

My condition is now stable and I am satisfied. My medication consists of necessary vitamins, mineral and herbal remedies formulated in Dr. Essien’s clinic.


JOHN ESSIEN:     Why are you here?

MISS SALUTA:     Because I was suffering from severe headache for 4 months and I had to take drugs to sleep and I do that every night.

JOHN ESSIEN:     How helpful have the drugs been?

MISS SALUTA:     Hmmm because they’re sleeping pills it will only make me sleep for a while like 4 hours and during this process my head will still be pounding, I still feel the headache even when I’m sleeping. I wake up with headache, go to work and come back with headache; it’s been on for 4 months constantly.

JOHN ESSIEN:     Do you also experience any illness symptoms?

MISS SALUTA:     Tiredness, Dizziness etc.

JOHN ESSIEN:    Did you also run any test for infections?

MISS SALUTA:    Yes I did.

JOHN ESSIEN:     Which test was that?

MISS SALUTA:    Lab test.

JOHN ESSIEN:     What was the infection?

MISS SALUTA:    Yeast Infection (Candidiasis)

JOHN ESSIEN:     What did you actually undergo when you were at Acupuncture Health Center?

MISS SALUTA:    Ok after the test, the result showed that I was suffering from severe indigestion, and I’m lacking some vitamins in me. For the first 5 days I did fruit dieting and after the first 2 days I felt very light and I slept very well.

JOHN ESSIEN:     The first 2 days of which therapy or the fruit dieting

MISS SALUTA:    Fruit dieting. When I did after the first session of ozone I felt better; after the second session I felt much better and after the fourth I said like ok I’m fine. No headache, No tiredness, No weakness, No dizziness as such, I felt much much better compared to what I was feeling before, I said it was time for me to stop the treatment since I wasn’t feeling what I was feeling before. The doctor insisted that I had to go through my remaining sessions and I had like 20 sessions.

JOHN ESSIEN:     And you were feeling much better even within the fourth session?


JOHN ESSIEN:     Which other ozone therapy did you do for the infection?

MISS SALUTA:    I did the insertion, the vaginal insufflation and rectal insufflation.

JOHN ESSIEN:     What was the rectal for?

MISS SALUTA:    For the indigestion.

JOHN ESSIEN:     Right now how’re you feeling on a scale of 1 to 10?


JOHN ESSIEN:     Would you mind if we play this on Facebook or YouTube?

MISS SALUTA:    Hahaha I don’t mind, just don’t show my face.

JOHN ESSIEN:     Thank you very much I really appreciate that but…How did you get to know about Acupuncture?

MISS SALUTA:    My sister in Germany because I was always complaining of headache, while she was here she was also suffering from headache and when she got there her husband took her to an Acupuncture health center and she was treated well and she encouraged me to look for one here in Nigeria and if I don’t see any I should come over to her place and see one but fortunately and unknowingly to me my aunty was also a patient here so she was like fine! Let’s go; that’s how I got to know here.

JOHN ESSIEN:     Thank you very much and we wish you good health and we hope you continue to stick to the principles and rules and regulations. Have a nice day.


I was suffering from Scoliosis (A condition where the spine is bent to one side) and I’ve tried so many treatments and Doctors but no hope. My sister  who was in the UK met a Doctor who then referred me  to  Dr. Essien of Acupuncture Health Center and when I came I was diagnosed  and told to start receiving treatment which was supposed to last for 3 months but it only took 1 month for me to get healed and thanks be to God I can walk straight without bending.

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