Treatment of Sciatic pain. Patient suffered for 30 years but was treated with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an English word derived from Latin “Acus” meaning needling and ‘cuntus’ meaning “point”.

Acupuncture could be defined as a form of Chinese traditional medicine developed by Chinese to overcome diseases it involves sticking some fine hair-like needles into selected point on the body.

History has show that Acupuncture was invented in Egypt, Africa. During the reign of medo-persian king Ahausuerus, where Egyptian were dispersed  to Asia, there Acupuncture settled in Siri lanka, Indonesia and then spread to China where it was developed to what we have today.

The Chinese developed it over the years and become master of it, they discovered certain point of the body which if massaged, punctured, heated or burned, relieved pain or had a beneficial effect on certain disorders.

They kept this secret to themselves until in 1972 when American President then Richard Nixon visited China  and saw how Acupuncture was used to carry out  anesthesia for open heart surgery then the knowledge of it spread to American . Today about 50% of Americans use Acupuncture.

Haemorrhoids Treatment. Patient suffered for 7 years. Was successfully treated with Acupuncture.

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